Library materials on economic development are available in a variety of forms for potential readers. The scope of this paper is to explain the organization of knowledge on economic development in Serbian academic librarianship. Due to this paper, prospective library users will receive insight into the electronic resources of professional and scientific information on economic developments available in Serbian academic librarianship. Its nature is international because it is included in the process of globalization through the creation and promotion of freely available databases. Apart from that, it has long been internationalized because it contains library materials that can be borrowed from abroad. In addition, the central university library in Belgrade applies international standards in cataloging and classifying library materials. This paper concentrates on academic libraries in Serbia which are included in COBISS (Cooperative On-line Bibliographic System & Services). Many academic libraries in Serbia belong to this system. It is because of this fact that cumulative e-catalogs exist. All of these libraries contribute to its content with their regular work in the domains of acquisition, cataloging and classification of library materials. The method used in this paper is an empirical method with statistical access to the indispensable data that is the result of database searches, given the problem of economic development. On the threshold of the next decade, open repositories are becoming more and more developed. Professional and scientific knowledge of economic developments is becoming closer and closer to readers from all over the world. The boundary between the rural environment and the urban zone has long been crossed by readers with the technical skills for efficient database retrieval.

Subject(s): Economy, Socio-Economic Research

Keywords: economic, development, Serbia, academic, librarianship, globalization,Information Society

The Role Of The Academic Librarianship In The Economic Development

Author(s): Vesna Župan


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