Our Goals

Welcome to the Goals page of Web rusdintahir.com! We are dedicated to achieving a set of objectives aimed at making a positive impact through the quality of our writing. Here are the main goals we aspire to accomplish:

Brief Biography

Name: Associate Professor Dr. Rusdin Tahir

Degree: Doctorate (Dr.) & Magister Sains (M.Si) in Education 

Position: Associate Professor

1. Increased Quantity and Quality of Writing:
We strive to produce as many high-quality books and articles as possible. Through each work, we aim to provide profound insights, valuable information, and inspiration to our readers.

2. Building Connections with Readers:
One of our primary focuses is to acquire as many loyal readers as possible. We strive to provide content that is not only informative but also relevant and inspiring to build strong connections with our readers.

3. Wide Distribution:
We aim to ensure that our works are accessible to as many people as possible. Through effective distribution strategies, we aim to achieve a broad reach so that the messages and ideas we convey can reach diverse audiences.

4. Interaction and Feedback:
We want to encourage active interaction between us and our readers. Through constructive feedback, we hope to continuously improve and enrich our content according to the needs and expectations of our readers.

5. Education and Knowledge:
Our goal is not only to provide information but also to support the processes of education and knowledge. Through our work, we hope to become a useful and educational reference source.

6. Supporting the Literacy Community:
We are committed to supporting and strengthening the literacy community. Through various initiatives, including literary events and programs, we hope to have a positive impact on the reading culture.

Academic Fields:

Of course! Here’s a summary of the targets to be achieved by Web rusdintahir.com in various fields:

1. Produce Competitive Graduates: Strive to produce graduates who are not only well-versed in their academic fields but also competitive in the professional arena.

2. International Reputation Building Programs:
Organize programs that contribute to building an international reputation. This may include collaborations, conferences, and initiatives that showcase the expertise and excellence of the academic community.

Areas of Research:

1. Revenue-Generating Research:
Conduct research that has a direct impact on revenue generation. Emphasize projects that produce products or innovations with commercial value.

2. Increase h-Index through Published Papers:
Focus on producing research papers that contribute to increasing the h-index, indicating the impact and citation relevance of the research conducted.

Field of Service:

1. Application of Science and Technology for Economic Improvement:
Apply science and technology in ways that directly contribute to the improvement of the economy. This could involve developing technologies, services, or solutions that enhance economic growth.

Field of Infrastructure:

1. Utilize Science and Technology for Reading and Writing Enhancement:
Apply advances in science and technology to increase interest and engagement in reading and writing. This may involve the development of digital platforms, tools, or applications.

Field of Human Resources:

1. Competent Human Resources:
Ensure the availability of competent human resources capable of excelling in education, research, and community service. This includes providing ongoing training and development opportunities.

Field of Organization and Management:

1. Establish Comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures:
Develop and maintain comprehensive standard operating procedures for organizational processes and work procedures.

2. Implement Quality Management System:
Implement a quality management system at both the individual and team levels to ensure continuous improvement, efficiency, and effectiveness in all aspects of operations.

Our Pledge:

By achieving these targets, Web rusdintahir.com aims to contribute significantly to the academic, research, service, infrastructure, human resources, organization, and management aspects of its operations.