Purpose: The aim of the article is to identify and describe the important relationship between the age of employees and the assessment of selected variables “work satisfaction“ and “motivation – lack of motivation“ on the basis of the research.Design/methodology/approach: The research made use of the material obtained from primary sources. The primary sources were data collected from questionnaires filled out by inhabitants of Slovakia. The sample consisted of employees of SME’s. Using the method of random sampling we identified 442 SME’s. Within this group were have reached out to a total of 665 employees. The research sample included 136 respondents. The research sample consisted of employees of various organizations, like those working in the manufacturing sector, commerce, services and administration.Findings: The analysis of the links between the age of employees and their motivation/ disincentives pointed to a statistically significant connection showing that older employees have lower level of motivation and lack interest in their career.Research/practical implications: Based on the results of the analysis we believe that it is really difficult to predict which direction the investigated issue will take in the future. Presented findings, however, indicate the fact that employees prefer different attitudes, opinions and ideas and often need to individually deal with many situations and forms of behavior. In practical terms, the findings will help SME’s to understand and influence motivation of different age groups of employees. Originality/value: The aim of this paper is to help SME’s to better understand links and the variables that influence motivation and employee satisfaction at work in today’s ever-changing market environment.

Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Economy

Keywords: motivation; disincentive; employees; work process

The Analysis of Variables Influencing Satisfaction and Motivation of Employees in The Working Process

Author(s): Radovan Bačík, Richard Fedorko, Jakub Horváth, Marek Propper


Kategori: Artikel

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