State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) are organizations in the form of business entities, playing an important role in sustaining the improvement of the Indonesian economy, contributing national income and in particular state revenues. Strategic role as implementing public services, balancing large private forces, and helping assist the development of small businesses / cooperatives. BUMN is also a significant source of state revenue in the form of various types of taxes, dividends and privatization proceeds. The implementation of the BUMN role is realized in business activities in almost all sectors of the economy. However, in reality until now SOEs are still difficult to realize their roles in line with expectations. Efforts have been made to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability of SOEs, but the government has not yet provided optimal results. This research reveals the interconnectedness of organizational culture, value creation and the performance of BUMN organizations. Methods The survey was conducted on 355 middle managers in 102 out of 141 BUMNs whose majority were owned by the Government, using a quantitative approach. Data analysis techniques using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results showed that organizational culture, value creation, and organizational performance showed good conditions, but not optimal. Organizational Culture and Value Creation simultaneously influence organizational performance. Organizational performance is measured by considering financial performance, operational performance, and administrative performance.

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Rusdin Tahir

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