Many developments from studies on the concept of employee voice actualization in various theoretical disciplines – including Human Resource Management ( HRM ) , Organizational Behavior ( OB ), Industrial Relations (IR) and Labor Process (LP) – are approaching phenomena from various ontological points. However, very few study the antithesis of employee voice, namely employee silence. This article aims to develop a conceptual framework of Voice and Silence employees based on interdisciplinary integration from the perspective of OB, IR, and LP. An integrated approach like this can offer a more reflective understanding of the social and psychological antecedents of employee Voice and Silence to academics, policymakers, and human resource management practitioners. This framework is critical to promote a pluralist view of the ” silence ” of employees which is illustrated by the concept of ‘antagonism structured’, which is rarely used in the study of HRM and OB. research continues suggested outlined to help integrate a more diverse approach to the vase of employees

Rusdin Tahir

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