Purpose: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been lately an extensively discussed topic. CSR has influence on how customers see companies. This concept is important not only for customers, but also for other stakeholders such as are the following: investors, employees, the general public, media, the state and other. With the development of e-commerce social responsibility issues become more and more important for companies providing express courier services. The aim of this paper is to present and to compare approaches taken by the selected companies providing express courier services in the Czech Republic territory to CSR issues.Design/methodology/approach: The theoretical background of this paper is based on foreign and domestic literature. Information published by the selected companies on their individual web pages is used in this paper. The focus of attention is approaches of the above-mentioned companies to CSR regarding their economic, environmental and social aspects and impacts. Research methods used for data analysis included content analysis and comparative analysis of publicly available information.Findings: This paper focuses on presenting the individual approaches of the selected companies to CSR. These individual approaches are compared on the basis of economic aspects, environmental aspects and social aspects and on the basis of those impacts that get the biggest attention from the individual selected companies.Research/practical implications: This paper summarizes publicly available information about the individual selected companies’ approaches to CSR. This collected information is analysed and compared with regard to important economic, environmental and social aspects and impacts of these companies. Programs that are implemented by the individual selected express courier services companies in accord with CSR are the subject of the research interest.Originality/value: This paper summarizes and compares approaches of the selected companies providing express courier services in the Czech Republic territory to CSR issues. The experience gained in this research contributes to extending the knowledge in the area of CSR with regard to this type of companies that are becoming increasingly important thanks to growing significance of e-commerce.

Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Economy

Keywords: express courier services; corporate social responsibility; environmental aspects; social aspects

Corporate Social Responsibility from the Perspective of Companies Providing Express Courier Services in the Czech Republic

Author(s): Dana Sommerauerová, Tomáš Kučera, Jaroslava Hyršlová


Kategori: Artikel

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